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New Adventure in Life

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 17, 2017, 10:09 AM
Well, a lot has been happening in the last month of my widdle life. :)  Last month, I made the difficult but needful choice to start closing down my dog grooming business.  Sakura's Garden, named after my first Scottie dog - Sakura, has been in operation for over six and a half years.  Since I opened the business, I have had multiple accidents, surgeries, financial strain (operating a small business that is only yourself as an employee can take a tole out on your own financial contributions), piled up doctors bills, cost me physical therapy, created more health problems and injuries, and has driven me -quite frankly - insane.  With my health issues continuing to increase, my doctors and physical therapists have been increasingly urging me to stop grooming. 
As of now, I am dealing with: 1) Rotator-cuffs that are failing quickly, and close to needing surgery to repair.  2) Constantly pulled and strained muscles.  3) Pinched nerves in my spine and arms.  4) Allergies and other breathing problems associated to the dirt and muck on dogs.  5) An umbilical hernia that has come back to haunt me and that I never even knew I had!  The pain associated to this and that I have been dealing with for over a year, increasing with time, has been so bad that i can't move...breathe...just cry.  It's been horrible.

"If you just stopped grooming, your problems would start healing."

In fact, the last two weeks I have cut back on clients severely, taking a serious financial cut, but my pain and my discomfort has greatly decreased! :)

I had enough...

Oddly, one morning, I had this weird urge to go onto to look up job listings.  One of the first that came up was UPS, the regional call center for tracking and theft of packages.  I applied.  Well, to make a long story short, I have officially started training with UPS as of yesterday - day of orientation.  So far, I am really excited as UPS is not just offering a 'job', but a career designed to help the employees within their community progress as individuals but also in higher positions within the company.  Not to mention the benefits are almost too good to be true, one of which is full tuition for a business or management degree from an online university UPS works with.  The pay is amazing, and the life insurance, retirement plan, 401 K, savings accounts, access to financial and legal advice, and just too good to pass up.  Not to mention, the ability to find an open position at the international sites is also available! :)  If there's an opening in Ireland sometime, I'm moving...

The job will be stressful, and training takes 2 and a half months!!  But, again, the pay is too good to pass up!  This would not be just a job, but a career I can advance in, take great opportunities, and set up a life and retirement with.

Will I continue to groom?  Till December, when we must work Saturdays, I will groom a limited amount of dogs on Sundays.  Otherwise, I am shutting my doors.   I don't think I can give away one of my two days off a week for too long.  I have books to write!!

Speaking of books...  :)  I am working through the edit of the 2nd proof copy of Possession.  :)  515 pages reads slowly, especially now that my time is dedicated elsewhere.  I finally might have a gosh-darn life!!  :giggle:  Maybe...   The proof reading is going well, so I hope to get Possession out by July, on schedule.  Then, and with the temps kicking up to 'oh look, the pavement is melting' here in Utah, I'll finish up the last half of the last chapter of The Affair then start the notes on A Pirate's Love and Resurrection.  The temps won't go down enough during the day to allow me to work with my laptop for extended periods of time till late august.  So typing up the final stories in Fantasies will take a little longer but the note work can get done and cleaned up.  I hope, with fingers crossed with the demands of this new job, that I can get Fantasies finished and out by December. 

After Fantasies, I plan to turn my attention to Deadly Thorn, as I have a lot of work done already on this book, as well as continue working on the notes for Thief.  These are the next two books for next year.  :) 

In other news.  My mother and I fired the reconstruction company that we were dealing with since the house fire that took Rebecca's (the house) life.  Our architect and our case worker at the reconstruction company were telling us that something was not right with the company telling us BS and not providing documentation or bids or anything.  Over a year and a half has gone by, and we were promised a few months after the fire that the house would be rebuilt within 6 months.   Bull shit....   So, our architect, within 24 hours, found us a contractor - a friend of his - whom we met and who will be finished next week with spread sheets of numbers, plans for construction, and contracting a demo company! :)  It looks like things will finally get moving! 

Oh!  I have also fallen in love with eggplant plants. :lmao:  My deck steps are now covered in potted eggplant plants, all of which have widdle baby eggplants growing! :)  I actually have four garden boxes full of growing veggies, some corn growing, an herb garden, and a blueberry bush that is starting out.  I also have an artichoke plant I call 'Buttons' that is doing really well on the deck with the eggplants.  Call me weird...I name my plants. 

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